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As a full time 3rd generation Realtor, Peter offers a knowledgeable, professional and experienced real estate service in the family tradition ...  

.... along with some of the best
real estate sites on the web:

Search every La Jolla Home by neighborhood!
restrict your search to just Birdrock or La Jolla Shores!

My clients appreciate the value and quality of service that I bring to the transaction. When I represent you there are no ifs or buts - your interests come first last and in between. 

When buying a home in La Jolla - whether it's your first, second, or a getaway vacation home -- you're bound to have many questions about the area, the neighborhoods and property prices.

We make it as easy as possible to search, review, compare and select San Diego homes that you might consider for your new home.

Search and preview detailed information with color photos on all homes, (not just Prudential listings), on the market today through the MLS. 

  • As your real estate professionals, I can help you narrow the search for your next home, saving you time and expense:

  • I can help you determine which neighborhoods you prefer within your budget. Since the first rule of real estate is location, location, location, we always recommend choosing the best community you can afford, even if it means choosing a somewhat smaller home, as long as the home will accommodate your lifestyle comfortably. Then when you are ready to sell the home and move on you will be assured of the maximum appreciation.

  • Once we have identified several neighborhoods to look in, this advanced search site allows us to help you customize your search to fit your special needs. You can search by size, number of bedrooms & garages, lot size, pools, etc. If you are moving some distance it's perfect for becoming knowledgeable about the communities and styles available, before you visit the locations in person.

  • If you prefer we can preview the homes for you, only showing you the ones we know are the best on the market for price and condition. You can choose from all the homes, and our buyers agents will show them to you, pointing out all the good parts, and all the bad parts. Yes, the bad parts! (we’re counselors, not salesmen). 

When you can claim to celebrate over
100 years in real estate ....

.... you tend to know what is right,

.... and what is unacceptable.




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